Cat Health – Health Care Tips!

Being a cat owner, it is quite important for you to take a good care of your pet. Proper feeding to your cat is the most vital thing in achieving a good cat health. Commercially prepared foods are best to be offered to your cat as they will keep your pet’s body, bones and teeth healthy for long time. Mostly, home-made foods are not appropriate for cats for some has large quantity of cholesterol or slight amount of nutrients which may lead to pet’s illness. Remember, onions, chocolates and candies are not to be given to your kitty. Fish and liver are good for the health of your kitty and they can be mixed with rice or potatoes often.

Besides a healthy diet, exercise is quite necessary for your cat not to get too fat. Try to feed your cat few times during a day with small amounts of food. Also, make sure that your kitty is getting proper exercise daily and regularly. You can make your cat exercise by providing it with toys to play. If your kitty is still getting fat then give a break to its heavy and nutritious meals.

Getting the teeth of your pet cleaned is also a part of proper cat health care. You can make your pet habitual of brushing its teeth by applying a bit of toothpaste on its lip so that your kitty get used to the taste. You can easily get branded toothpaste and tooth brush for your kitty from the market.

Try to keep your cat clean and tidy. When it enters home, give it a shower daily so that dirt gets removed. You can use cat shampoo which is easily available at stores at affordable rates. Apply talcum powder and get its hairs brushed with a comb.