Retirement And Early Retirement – 5 Essential Self-Health Care Tips In Retirement

For your ultimate self-health care in early retirement and in retirement generally, take a look at these five essential skills to guarantee a greater sense of well-being and healthy attitudes:

  1. Establish Priorities: Some things are simply more important than others; our health and wellness needs to be very high on our priority list. Living healthily is like living as a connoisseur: choosing each task, food, and behaviour with great care and accountability.
  2. Assertiveness: Clearly state what you need – that you may want to achieve optimal health. Part of assertiveness is to own your needs, communicate these needs clearly, and then actively work to incorporate them into reality. Do not be put off by negative reactions from others. Trust your gut feelings.
  3. Learn how to live a relaxed lifestyle: Living a relaxed lifestyle means more than being leisurely, it means becoming as centred as possible, as mindful of your presence in the moment as possible. Developing such a perspective frees you from the tyranny of thinking you are not doing enough for yourself and for your health.
  4. New attitudes to discomfort: Discomfort is not something we feel with joy – far from it. So how can we turn this around towards comfort? Unfortunately discomfort is a part of life whether its in the form of physical or emotional pain. We all deal with pain differently. The way to get around discomfort, is to challenge yourself as to how to get out of it. It may be taking part in some type of activity, changing your diet or change your attitude and accept it as everyday living.
  5. Healthy Relationships: Be open and none judgemental in new relationships. Perhaps in the past your views were shrouded by office politics. Keep a healthy and positive attitude towards others and no-one is pushing you to befriend everyone – its your choice. However, offering a helping hand to someone in need gives us a different perspective towards others.

So take responsibility for your life now!